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Jan 30, 1984, 11:35:58 PM1/30/84
smu!salomon Jan 30 10:43:00 1984

agree totally. Here in Dallas, the radio is hardly indicitive of a city
of 1 million people. Quiet riot, Journey, Def Leppard, Accept. As a 21 year
old post punk, I find it hard to sit at the office(with already fouled up
radio reception from the computers) and here 3 Journey songs an hour.When
was the last time you heard XTC or The Jam (RIP) on the radio? Or a clash
song besides "should I stay..." or "Rock the Casbah.."

I want radio that challanges my intellegence, not just expels a flood of
complacent krap.

Marc Salomon, SMU Dallas


Feb 3, 1984, 11:48:04 PM2/3/84
smu!salomon Feb 3 13:08:00 1984

I agree with you!

I hope that when I am 40 years old that I can write songe like

Little T&A, She was hot etc...also-- 1966,1969,1972,1975,1978,1981

11 999999 888888 44 44
11 99 99 88 88 44 44
11 999999 888888 444444444
11 99 88 88 44
11 999999 888888 44

If history serves correctly, the stones should be here this year!

also- look out for Big Country , reformed Clash, U2, and the


keep on rocking.
Marc Salomon

Greg Skinner

Feb 14, 1984, 10:45:49 PM2/14/84
If you want radio that challenges you, don't listen to top40 -- it's there to
make you feel good, not to make you think.

{decvax!genrad, eagle!mit-vax, ihnp4}!mit-eddie!gds (UUCP)

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