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Any Kate Bush fan(atic)s out there? - (nf)

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Jan 4, 1984, 10:29:27 PM1/4/84
uiucuxc!tynor Jan 4 12:41:00 1984

There's at least one...

She recently did a concert in Great Britain that was piped here
(Champaign/Urbana Ill.) live via satalite. Of course I had finals
to study for, so I didn't see it. None of my friends will allow
me to play her music when they are in the same I know
of noone who saw it... Anyone out there? Hope there is another
album soon... enough of these ramblings...


John Labovitz

Jan 10, 1984, 1:10:44 AM1/10/84
I'm a real fan(atic) of Kate Bush. I've got most of her popular
albums, and am trying to get the more obscure recordins (German,
Japanese, etc., concerts). I wrote EMI-America (her label) in
December, and asked when an album or tour will be coming. I got
a letter back in early January from Kate Bush herself (gee, a
photo, too! And signed!), saying that she is working on an album,
and when that's finished, she'll think about a tour. I don't
think she's ever toured the US, tho.

Ok, so that's two fans. Any more? Come on, speak up...

John Labovitz

Dave Bartley

Jan 11, 1984, 4:30:39 PM1/11/84
Here's another one. I just have the four LP's on American
or Canadian labels. It'd be great if she tours North America,
but I doubt she'd make it to these parts (*sigh*).

BTW, this discussion may have to move to very soon,
as all votes I've seen have been favor of absorption of this
group into, including my own.

Rolling the ball in Seattle...

Dave Bartley
John Fluke Mfg Co, Inc
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Jan 19, 1984, 3:52:51 AM1/19/84
hp-dcd!meier Jan 13 18:13:00 1984


Why not post your list of obscure Kate Bush albums? I'd
love to see it.

Marcel "Also a fan" Meier

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