How to keep from being misunderstood on the net

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Dec 2, 1982, 11:43:15 PM12/2/82
I recently posted an article in which I said that a Universal Turing
Machine simulator that I wrote was better than a version that came out
in Byte magazine. This was said tongue-in-cheek, but !!BOY!! did I get
blasted!!!!! I re-read the article from the viewpoint of an innocent
bystooder and realized that it could be VERY easily misinterpretted.

Woe is me, I should have followed Scott Fahlman's advice in an earlier
article to the net and appended a smiling face >> :-)
(Read by turning the head sideways to the left)

This was suggested by Scott to let people know that you are only joking
because it is impossible for us lowly users to read the facial expression
of an electronic mail or news item. I endorse the :-) to the hilt.

As for all who flamed at me, saying things like "self praise stinks",
I think you stink, too!!!! :-)

Thanks 4 ur time,

Curtis Jackson (...!floyd!burl!rcj)


Dec 4, 1982, 1:17:44 AM12/4/82
Hey GREAT! I really like the smiley face idea: :-)
It's a great way to indicate sarcasm and humor: :-)
I've been burned by misinterpreted statements: 8~)
However, I think it looks better if you use: 8-)
Or perhaps a winky face: !-)
Or a high-tech smily face: |-)
There are all kinds of possibilities: 8*)

How about a smily face contest? %-)

8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+)
8*} David Bryant cbosg!djb 8*)
8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+) 8-} 8+)

Next week, frowny faces for all you flamers: 8*(

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