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a new moderated newsgroup - mod.sources.atari16

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Oct 15, 1986, 3:06:50 PM10/15/86
this is new to me, so please keep flames to the lit match at 20
paces level

there has been some very real problems with posting source and
binaries to net.micro.atari16, uuencode didn't work properly or a
file was too large and got truncated, and reposts requests and their
answers abound. therefore (deep breath taken) i propose to moderate
mod.sources.atari16 with associated archives. programs will be
unshar'd, uudecoded, downloaded and tested before they are
distributed, also care will be taken to make sure that no posting is
too large and Subject lines will be standardized with catalog
numbers etc. (what am i getting myself into??). if i do not hear an
overwhelming 'nay' vote by Oct 31st i will create the group and
issue specific instruction (where to mail etc.) for the group.

These are days for the locust to eat
- Winston Churchill

Name: James M. Turner
Mail: Imagen Corp. 2650 San Tomas Expressway, P.O. Box 58101
Santa Clara, CA 95052-8101
AT&T: (408) 986-9400
UUCP: ...{decvax,ucbvax}!decwrl!imagen!turner
CompuServe: 76327,1575

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