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terminating net.micro.mac

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John Bruner

Oct 23, 1986, 11:06:40 AM10/23/86
I subscribe to the "" tree of newsgroups, and I don't remember
any discussion about eliminating "net.micro.mac". Its *name* is going
to change (in accordance with the overall newsgroup reorganization).

"net.sources.mac" is a different story; all of the unmoderated sources
newsgroups will be terminated.

If you are interested in the fate of newsgroups, I suggest that you
subscribe to "" (to which I have cross-posted this
and redirected followups). You are more likely to find correct
and (more) timely information regarding the USENET reorganization and
the fate of newsgroups in there than in "net.micro.mac". (At the very
least, if I'm wrong on any aspect of the fate of the Mac groups there
will probably be at least one correction posted to "".)
John Bruner (S-1 Project, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
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