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IBM music boards

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David Cook

Oct 13, 1986, 1:01:55 AM10/13/86
I have looked thru entire issues of Byte and could not find any
adds for music boards for pcs. Does anyone know what is available
in the way of music hardward and software for pcs; (perhaps something
as sophisticated as the music hardware for the Amiga?) I'm sure there
is lots of stuff out there, but I've just missed it.

Jan Stubbs

Oct 13, 1986, 4:16:54 PM10/13/86
In article <5...@sdcc7.ucsd.EDU> ln6...@sdcc7.ucsd.EDU (David Cook) writes:
>I have looked thru entire issues of Byte and could not find any
>adds for music boards for pcs.

The music issue of byte had an ad for this stuff:
Future Music
Reno, Nevada is all I remember, but call me in a few days and I
will find it again.

Jan Stubbs ....sdcsvax!ncr-sd!stubbs
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Joel Upchurch

Oct 14, 1986, 5:07:32 PM10/14/86

PC Magazine had an article in Volume 5 Number 17 (Oct 14, 86)
on page 265 which reviewed the Tecmar Music Synthesis System.
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Steve Dyer

Oct 15, 1986, 11:42:48 PM10/15/86
I called Tecmar last month about this board (which they had been advertising for
several months) and I got a tight-lipped marketing person who simply said that
they weren't going to sell it. Nothing more. Weird.
Steve Dyer
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