Anybody want to redistribute Usenet Movie traffic?

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May 13, 1983, 3:15:07 AM5/13/83
Relay-Version:version B 3/9/83; site harpo.UUCP
Date:Wed, 4-May-83 10:49:56 EDT

Sorry, Usenet folks (they still receive all the traffic we generate),
but I'm afraid that, given the incipient pile of drek SF movies that
Hollywood is about to dump upon us, I cannot be as optimistic as Andrew
that we won't get another pile of drek reviews and flames from Usenet,
so I am not willing to re-establish the connection Usenet -> Movie^.PA.
However, if some other Xeroid on this list is convinced that hesh just
doesn't get enough movie reviews, hesh should feel free to let this list
know and then set up a XeroxUsenetMovies^.whereever redistribution list.

Received: from SRI-UNIX.ARPA by PARC-MAXC.ARPA; 3 MAY 83 01:55:25 PDT
Date: 3 May 83 at 0154-PDT
From: Andrew Knutsen <knu...@Sri-Unix.ARPA>
Subject: Usenet ans Movies^
Sender: knu...@Sri-Unix.ARPA

Hi there... I seem to recall discussing this with you before,
and one of your recent submissions to movies^ suggests you're still
the one to talk to...

I noticed a lot of movies stuff from Xerox passing thru the
gateway here, and looking at it thought that perhaps there might be
some support for bringing back the gateway from usenet. I think its
been a year or so since the "star trek" garbage caused the usenet->Xerox
end to be flushed.

I took a quick look at the last months net.movies submissions,
and except for some discussion of "engineers in movies" with "blinking
light control panels" (probably more relevant than Star Trek) and
Nastassja Kinski was wierd or not, the group has stayed pretty clean.
Volume was about 20 messages in the last two weeks of April.

The Joe Bob thing does seem to have sparked up movies^ for
now, but if it starts to die down again usenet can provide a steady
trickle of new stuff.


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