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Star Wars III ? -- it should be Star Wars VI

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Jun 8, 1982, 9:53:30 PM6/8/82

"Revenge of the Jedi"... Episode 6 in the Star Wars saga, has
just finished filming, according to some friends I have down in

The release date for us humans that want to see it is
still the summer of 1983. I guess it takes that long to score
all the music, do all the film-editing, prepare all the promo
material, and all that junk.

I wish Lucas & Co. would get the thing going a little faster.
I can't really imagine waiting until 1997 to see all nine parts
of the Star Wars series.

Here's a trivia question for other fellow addicts of Star Wars:

Most everyone knows that the original "Star Wars" was
episode 4 in the series, and "The Empire Strikes Back"
was episode 5.

Who out there knows the new correct TITLE of Episode 4?

Don't get me wrong -- the thing is still called Star Wars
by millions of people, but there is a specific title that
tells what episode 4 is about. That's what I'm looking

Send replies to:


I'll publish the correct title in about a week.

Randal L. Schwartz (Ran-dahl Calrizzian)
Tektronix Microcomputer Development Products
Beaverton, Oregon (ORR-i-gun, not AWWW-ree-GONE!!)

P.S. How many people have seen SW more than 22 times in the theatre,
or at triple speed on video tape (boy, that's fun)?

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