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RE-ANIMATOR, non spoiler

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Nov 4, 1985, 7:21:14 PM11/4/85
Just saw RE-ANIMATOR this weekend. Good flick.
Gore fans ought to like it, but it's not for the squeamish.

The story so far:

Brilliant young med student (Mr. West) studied in
Switzerland under Professor (insert German name). Speciality:
re-animation of dead tissue. For various reasons (note lack of
spoiler) the brilliant med student leaves Switzerland
and comes to this US University to continue
his medical studies under another Professor, a slick
doctor with a theory about the brainstem and the hots
for the dean's daughter (obligatory screaming heroine).
Said heroine is meanwhile getting it on with this other dedicated
young med student (our hero) going to school on loans and very sensative
about the patients that expired despite valiant efforts
of the medical staff.

Eventually Mr. West takes lodgings with the our hero and sets up
a lab in the basement. Before long the house cat is gone, weird
screams come from the basement and the action takes off.

What follows is a rather delightful story of ambition a-la Dr.
Frankenstein (i.e. bringing the dead to life), with our hero
convinced by Mr. West to participate in some bootleg experiments,
the doctor seeking Mr. West's glow-in-the-dark formula, and
the dean's daughter screaming every now and again to keep up
the tradition.

The actor who plays Mr. West is splendidly intense, the gore is OK
(not up to the standards of my yardstick Dawn of The Dead, at least
in volume), the music is terrific, the best kinky necrophillia scene
since Andy Worhal's Frankenstein (sp?), some genuinely scary
moments, and all in all a splendid little cult film.
No rating, I'd give it a hard R.
$3.50 on $0 to $10 scale.

Shiva, Amdahl

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