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Tom Pohorsky

Mar 14, 1986, 5:28:32 PM3/14/86

saw it about a month ago highly recommended. Some might say it "didnt know
what it wanted to be" but I've always thought that places the reviewer's
expectations more important than the moviemaker's art. The everpresent Harry
Dean Stanton stars as a huckster preacher combing the Southwest for willing
pockets. Throw in a good ol boy and an impressionable kooky small-town
Christian girl, and stir (alot). Great slice-of-life characterizations, and
a good blend of hip and poignant. WHy don't some of you *reel* reviewers
check this out and rite sumpthin articoolate. Give this a 2.5 on Mr. Leeper's
-4 to +4. Aside to Mr Leep: Where'd you come up with -4 to +4 ?? gotta be the
most unusual rating scale I've run across. and THANKS for all the great reviews
keep 'em coming.

anyway, it's shy on monsters and breasts, but great religon-fu. Check it out.

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