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Coke isn't it

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Gordon Howell

Apr 26, 1985, 2:29:11 PM4/26/85
Okay.... I've endured a lot of abuse in my time, but this is the final

**** They are changing the Coca-Cola formula!!!!!!!!!! ****

Is nothing sacred??!!!
They might as well outlaw the Beatles, or change God's name, or reinstate

For those of you out there who are confirmed cocaholics such as myself,
I encourage, nay, INSIST that you call Lucy at (213) 746-5555x4249
to complain about the change.

Tearfully submitted, gordon

Jay Johannes

May 2, 1985, 6:43:00 PM5/2/85

RE: New COKE formula.

We were discussing this the other evening, and someone came up
with an interesting thoery.

Seems that COKE signed a contract in the early 1900s with their
original distributors to sell their original formula for a fixed
price (a price cap). Since then inflation has really hit hard, and
COKE has been actively buying distributors for the last few years
to get rid of the contracts, and then reselling the distributorships
at terms more lucrative to COKE.

However, if they change the formula, then the agreement no longer applies.
COKE can afford to lose market share, and still make larger profits. The only
ones who lose are the consumers and the distributors.

Some of this is verifiable, some is pure conjecture. Treat this as net.rumor.

Jay Johannes
Loveland, Colo.

Donald Eastlake

May 20, 1985, 8:56:13 AM5/20/85

The original Coke distributorships were pretty old style agreements
purporting to bind the two parties forever but I don't think they
had anything in there about selling the formula unless Coke went out
of business or something.
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