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Sep 19, 1983, 1:50:25 PM9/19/83

For those who are upset at the CBS evening news for misusing the
word hacker on last Wednesday's (?) show and want to give them a little
call, I'll tell you their phone number.

CBS evening news, NY 212/975-3691

If you tell them you're upset by the misuse of the term 'hacker' as
being the same as 'system cracker' and leave your name (so they'll know
that you're a real person (not just a crank), they may feel upset enough to
publicly announce their misuse of the term. My guess is that 1000 or so
phone calls would be enough. What do you think?

<<DISCLAIMER>> - I am not suggesting that you call the CBS evening news, I
am merely providing their telephone number (a matter of public record) to
make it easier for you to call should you decide that's what you want to
joe wilson
Univ. of Virginia
uucp: ...decvax!duke!mcnc!ncsu!uvacs!jnw
CSnet: jnw@uvacs
Arpa: jnw.uvacs@udel-relay

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