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Oct 6, 1986, 2:27:47 PM10/6/86

[I am posting to these groups because the newsgroup listing for my site
does not list anything for "model building".]

I am once again getting the urge to build a sailing ship model, but I am
having difficulty finding the particular model I want. About 4 or 5 years
ago I saw a Revell model kit for the USS CONSTELLATION, but now no one even
lists this model as being available (I only saw it in one store to begin
with). In fact, in my area of Portland, Oregon, any ship model of this kind
is becoming very hard to find.

I want this particular model because the original ship was one of three
launched at the same time -- the CONSTELLATION, the CONSTITUTION, and the
UNITED STATES -- and I want to build all three. I know that the other two
are easily available, so I am looking for the obscure one first. The
evidence thus far gives me small hope of ever finding the model, but I don't
want to give up until I've tried every option.

I forget the scale of this model, but the completed kit is ~36 inches long.
If you have seen this model around, or know of some person or outlet that
can supply it, please drop me a line -- I might be willing to pay shipping
to have it sent out.

Also, if you can suggest a more appropriate newsgroup for this article,
please do so.


Ken Ewing
Tektronix, Walker Road
Beaverton, Oregon

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