The Open Road

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Jeff Janock

Oct 8, 1986, 9:44:47 AM10/8/86
I almost posted this to net.general, but cross posted to the
above groups. I really would like for everyone to read this...

With all the talk about drugs and the fact that life appears
different to us in this day and age, I present the following
for all of you to ponder....

Print it off, let your friends, children, etc read it.
I look forward the responce this may generate.

[my father wrote this in the mid 1940's - he died last summer
after fighting pancreatic cancer for almost two years. This
was among his personal effects]

The Open Road
by Irving Janock
English A.1.s.

The open road in reality is actually the path upon
which every boy and girl must take the future steps in life.
It may be, as one chooses to make it, the Golden Carpet to
success and happiness, or the dark, dingy, misleading path
upon which one might stumble through life.

For various reasons, numerous boys and girls never give
the subject a second thought through all the years of their
youth; some forget that when starting at the beginning of
the open road, from then on the motto is, "Stand on your own
two feet". On this path there will be no pal to help the
humble weak person along, no friend to give him encourage-
ment, raise his morals, no teacher to put the object of our
lesson on the straight and narrow path, no dear mother to
comfort the woeful character in his despicable condition,
and most of all, though the lowlife had in the path cheated,
lied, wormed his way through our educational institutions
thinking he was fooling the disciplinarians, he forgot that
he coudn't cheat and breeze his way through the next fifty
years of his life. It is either "do or die", "sink or swim",
"success or failure".

The open road can be deceiving as it twists and turns.
But, a good man takes heed of its detours, warning one of
the dangerous byways. It, of course, has its hardships,
heartbreaks, sorrows, terrible obstacles to surmount, all
leading in the opposite direction of the Primrose Path, the
easy way, and the sure path of self destruction.

But at last the true and honest man comes through to a
great and mighty Triumph and Success that he himself molded.
This success comes only to a true thoroughbred, and cham-
pion, with a staunch heart, and plenty of intestinal forti-
tude. The open road is the pathway of life. Tread it well.

Jeff Janock
NEC Electronics Inc.
One Natick Executive Park
Natick, Massachusetts 01760
+1 617 655 8833



Steve Dyer

Oct 8, 1986, 9:07:04 PM10/8/86
Shouldn't this be submitted to Dear Abby (or is it Ann Landers...?)
Steve Dyer
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