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Lauren Weinstein

Jan 15, 1984, 11:56:55 PM1/15/84
It was recently asked if Coherent would support UUCP. (Coherent, for
those of you who don't know, is a multi-user/multi-tasking V7 look-alike
that sells for $500.) The answer to the question is about to become a
definite YES. In fact, the UUCP they will be distributing (including
reasonably sophisticated mail and netnews generation/receiving facilities)
is a version of my own private UUCP/mail/netnews code.

As a matter of fact, that's what site "vortex" is -- an IBM PC/XT
running Coherent. I am very satisfied with Coherent and find that
it does an excellent job of providing a decent V7 environment with
what is essentially a rather limited piece of hardware.

My UUCP/mail/netnews code is churning away 24 hours a day without
problems. (Since my code is all written from scratch, I don't have
to contend with any of the various "uucp bugs" that seem to be
reported on a regular basis. I'm not trying to be critical of Unix
UUCP -- I'm simply saying that due to its rather convoluted history
and widespread modifications a substantial number of problems have
crept in over time.) Anyway, my own UUCP and related code is running
fine and handles my rather voluminous mail/news load (something
like 150 to over 200 incoming calls a day, not to mention outgoing)
without difficulty.

If all goes well, Mark Williams Co. (the distributers of Coherent)
will be demo'ing my UUCP/mail/netnews code at UniForum this week.

I'll be roaming around the conference as well, so I may see many
of you there. I hope UniForum doesn't turn into TOO much of a zoo.


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