UNIX on personal computers?

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Nov 18, 1982, 3:52:44 AM11/18/82

I would be very interested in knowing all there is to know
about the availability of UNIX(tm) on personal computers. I have
heard that it is available on the IBM PC; does anyone have it?
Any criticisms? Is C-shell available (chortle, chortle)? Have any
other personal computer manufacturers seen the light?

I don't own a personal computer; I am interested, though. I
might even consider building one (a kit, mind you) if everything
was spelled out for me in the instructions.

Steven Munson
Purdue University


Nov 18, 1982, 3:56:08 AM11/18/82
I recently received some information from Microsoft on XENIX
and it looks quite interesting. It aparrently is a super-set of UNIX
V7 and is multi-user/multi-tasking. XENIX isn't one of the UNIX look-
alike systems like Qunix, but is just a commercial version of XENIX
marketed through Microsoft (since Western Electric technically can't
get into the software business -- see Byte Magazine Vol6,Num6 -- XENIX).
In their little brochure they that they are putting XENIX OS
on the DEC PDP-11, Intel 8086, Z8000, and Motorola 68000. I think I
recall seeing an ad for a hard disk w/controller that came with XENIX,
but thinking back it might have been on of the other "UNIX like"
systems. Microsoft is pushing to make XENIX the industry standard
too, and with all those languages they've written, they might be
able to do it.
The address of Microsoft, in case you are interested, is:

Microsoft Building
10700 Northup Way
Bellevue, Wa. 98004

If any of you have any experience or have heard anything about
XENIX running on the 5150/IBM pc, I'd be very interested in hearing
about it.

Mike Conley (...!decvax!pur-ee!iuvax!isrnix!jec)

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