OSes for IBM PC

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Aug 3, 1982, 3:35:59 PM8/3/82
JCP claims that CP/M-86 is `one of 3 OSes available, the best is MS-DOS
however.'. Presumably he is referring to the 3 OSes as IBM PC DOS,
MS-DOS and UCSD. There is now a fourth alternative (at least).
You can buy a full UNIX reimplementation called Coherent for $500
from Mark Williams, Chicago, 312-472-6659. That includes a C compiler,
a full sort utility, and an incredible range of other utilities
as well as editors, mail, nroff text formatter, assembler, debugger,
etc, etc. A real bargain on UNIX systems! Compare the cost to
MSDOS or UCSD or CPM with sort, compilers, etc, and you may agree.

Ian Darwin
U of Toronto Computing Services

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