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Peter Rowley

Nov 12, 1983, 6:04:32 AM11/12/83
According to a report in the Toronto Globe & Mail, Nov. 11, Technology section,
Sharp Electronics has just introduced the PC-5000, a PC compatible running
MS-DOS that weighs <10 lbs and has an 80ch. x 8 line LCD display. It has from
128-256K memory, removable bubble memory cart. (no size figure given), and a
"dot matrix printer with thermal and carbon-ribbon printing" (not clear whether
this is standard or not).

From the same paper, one sees that the maker of the Hyperion PC compatible
portable "intends to endorse Microsoft Windows, an operating system for
personal computers made by Microsoft Inc. of Bellevue, Wash."

"When run on the Hyperion, MS-Windows will extend the function of the MS-DOS
operating system to include management of bit-mapped screen graphics and a
mouse cursor control device. MS-Windows will enable the user to view unrelated
applications programs simultaneously, allowing data transfer from one
application program to another."

This is the first I've heard of this, which appears to be Microsoft's answer
to Lisa(tm Apple) and VisiON (tm Visicorp). (MS-* are tm's of Microsoft)
Have more details on the system been made available? It appears, from this
decription, that it does not embrace the fairly complicated attempts to make
user interfaces automatically consistent adopted by VisiON (Basic Interaction
Techniques, etc.), but rather just extends MS-DOS into a multi-window system.
This allows some use of the existing sw base, I would guess. Also a nice
way for Microsoft to reward those who have played by MS-DOS' rules and haven't
accessed the screen directly.

Other tidbits from the paper:
- CCA is being bought by a Toronto health care and software company
- The Wizard of Id characters have been licensed for use in software to a
Sydney Development, of Vancouver.
- IBM is cutting back work on Josephson junctions, finding that other tech's
are competitive and do not have the design problems of the former.
- DEC has announced the MicroVAX 1 and the VAX-11/725
- TI may have as many as a million 99/4A's in stock, but they are being
snapped up quickly, since they're going for 1/2 price.
- Atari is having production problems on the 600XL and 800XL computers
and will be able to fulfill only 60% of Christmas orders. They've
also delayed introducing the 1400XL and 1450XL.

Lots of other information in this section. It's part of the paper every

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