HP-71 FORTH/Assembler Debugger

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Sep 2, 1986, 1:40:00 PM9/2/86

HP82478A HP-71 Debugger 9/01/86

The debugger is a RAM-based program of less than 12K bytes which resides
in HP-71 memory along with the target assembly language. It is designed
in three modules, comprising four files which can be copied into and out
of memory as desired.

The debugger is compatible with the HP-71 operating system, and may reside in
memory without affecting the operating characteristics of the computer.
Activating the debugger places the HP-71 operating system in a state of
suspension, where individual CPU registers and memory locations can be
examined and edited. Assembly language routines can be emulated with
interrupt, single step, and break point capability. The HP-71 keyboard is
used to direct the debugger, and output may be sent to both the LCD and an
HP-IL display device.

The debugger system consists of four LEX files:

The debugger's response to the VER$ function ("DBG:A").

-DBGADDR$, for ascertaining base addresses for the DBGLEX files;
-DDISPLAY IS, to set up the debugger HP-IL display device.

This file MUST be loaded.

o DBGLEX1A and DBGLEX2A: two LEX files which contain the core of the debugger
system, including RAM storage, CPU emulator, and input/output routines.

This file MUST be loaded.


-Disassembler, to display opcode mnemonics.
-80 column interface for the HP-IL display device.
-Adjustment of displayed addresses to match listings.
- Extended command menu.

The 82478A Debugger contains a FORTH/Assembler ROM, manual, Debugger software
on a 3.5 inch HP-71 formated disc, and a 5.25 inch MS-DOS formated disc (for
use with HP82477A HP-IL LINK software- HP-71 <--> MS-DOS Personal Computer

The Debugger upgrade kit (82478-60001) contains everything with the exception
of the FORTH/Assembler ROM and manual.

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