setting screen colors from CP/M on C-128

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Oct 29, 1986, 8:25:24 AM10/29/86
From: prindle@NADC

There are three ways to set the screen colors from CP/M:

1. Manually, any of the first 8 colors for text can be chosen by typing CTRL-0
thru CTRL-7 on the main keyboard. Any of the first 8 colors for background can
be chosen by typing CTRL-0 thru CTRL-7 on the auxilliary keypad. The second
set of 8 colors are not accessible this way.

2. The program "conf" (AKA config) can be used as follows:
conf char=<character color code>,back=<character color code>

3. Any CP/M program can change screen or text colors by outputting to the
console the sequence <ESC><ESC><ESC><color-select-byte> where the color select
byte uses the low bits for the color code and higher bits to specify background
or character color. This, in effect, can be used by a program to display text
in assorted colors on the screen. The exact interpretation of the color-select-
byte is given in the CP/M section of the guide that comes with the 128.

Hint: try yellow on black or green on black, perennial favorites. 80 columns
on a TV set (unless it's an XBR) is going to be real squinty at best, but more
contrast will definitely help.

Frank Prindle

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