Kermit 1.7(52) enhancements

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Ray Moody

Oct 30, 1986, 9:14:38 PM10/30/86

Here are some Kermit 1.7(52) enhancements. They define the cursor keys
in a VT52 compatible format. To enhance your copy of Kermit 1.7(52), you

1) A copy of Kermit 1.7(52). I don't think these changes will work on an
older revision.

2) A monitor such as Micromon-64.

From Micromon-64, type:

l 0801 "kermit" 08

: 2690 4d 60
: 604d c9 80 90 09 48 a9 1b 20
: 6055 e4 4c 68 29 7f 4c e4 4c
: 0a34 c1
: 09b4 c2
: 09c0 c3
: 0a40 a4

s 0801 605d "kermit+" 08

The cursor motion keys will now send ESC-A for cursor up, ESC-B for cursor
down, ESC-C for cursor right, and ESC-D for cursor left. This is compatible
with the VT52.

If you are using UN*X, you might want to add the following to your termcap.


These tell vi about the new key bindings.

Also, I found that C64 kermit (with or without the above modification) works
better without the "am" field and when a "cd=\EJ" field is added. The termcap
I use is:

qc|c64|Commodore 64:co#80:li#25:up=\EA:do=\EB:cl=\EH\EJ:bs:bw:ho=\EH:\
:nd=\EC:so=\Eo:se=\En:cm=\EY%+ %+ :ce=\EK:sr=\EI:pt:cd=\EJ:\

Let me know if there is any problems with the modifications.

array Ray Moody
array ihnp4!pur-ee!pucc-s!aij

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