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Oct 17, 1986, 12:16:30 PM10/17/86
From: prindle@NADC

Late breaking news:

1. C Power BBS got hit by lightning and lost part of the graphics library, but
I will still post it all to this list soon.

2. A new, high speed, and *documented* C Power graphics library is now available
from David Kessner. For free, you can get this, and the reviews so far
indicate it is a very nice product. Mail 2 diskettes and a Self Addressed
return diskette mailer to:
David Kessner
1135 Fairfax
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 377-1801
All I can say for David is I hope he has two drives and one of the FAST
HACK'EM auto copy modules. His library is callable from C Power but
written in assembler for speed, and appears to include more powerful
capabilities than the one on the BBS. Send him 3 diskettes instead of
2 and he will also send you a copy of Mark Rinfret's C Power assembler
which generates C Power linkable object modules and is written in C.
It wouldn't be a bad idea to log on the C Power BBS and send David a short
note letting him know you will be sending him diskettes.
Note that this library is for C Power 64. No guarantees that it will
work under C Power 128, and in all likelyhood it won't because of different
memory management for the VIC-II chip in the 128.

3. Does anyone who has C Power 128 care to comment on whether the "-p" option
of the compiler (i.e. tell compiler not to ask for disk swaps) works
properly? There is a rumor on the BBS that it doesn't. If it doesn't,
what version do you have? If it does, also what version do you have? I'm
planning to buy it real soon, but probably should hold off if this option
doesn't work, cause answering those swap messages is no fun.

Frank Prindle

R. L. Zarling

Oct 20, 1986, 6:06:45 PM10/20/86
>3. Does anyone who has C Power 128 care to comment on whether the "-p" option
> of the compiler (i.e. tell compiler not to ask for disk swaps) works
> properly? There is a rumor on the BBS that it doesn't.

The -p option is "inverted" from the documentation. If you issue -p, the
compiler pauses for disk swapping. Without it, there is no pause. The
version of C-Power 128 I have has no version number, but is about four months
old now.

Does anyone know what the -n option is for? The documentation says at one
point that you should use it with "multiple disk drives" but I can't tell
that it makes any difference...


Oct 21, 1986, 8:56:39 AM10/21/86
I'm looking for a junk 64 that can be used for spare parts.
It appears that the video chip is bad since no screen shows
up when the system boots.

Please reply via electronic mail or 201-949-2375.


Oct 27, 1986, 12:21:27 PM10/27/86
In article <12...@sunybcs.UUCP> ugb...@sunybcs.UUCP (Devon Bowen) writes:
>One thing though, with the extra 64k the
>128 has over the 64, they built an optional RAM disk. It's 191 blocks
>long, and I've found that this is sufficient for compiling in. For example,
>I say: cc 2:test.c and it gets the compiler from the disk, yet compiles
>it on the RAM disk (unit 2), and it doesn't ask for disk swaps! I just got
>done writing a fairly large assembler and micro-code simulator for a class
>that was quite large, but I managed to keep all the source and object
>files on RAM disk and I kept the command files on the disk. Oh, by the
>way, the RAM disk is optional, so you can use that extra 64k for program
>space if you need it.
> Devon Bowen (KA2NRC)
Regarding the ram disk, I was wondering if it also supported the new
ram expansions available for the C128. Can one get a large ram disk using
the ram expansions?..... Can one use the extra 64k for program space and have
a ram drive solely in the ram expansion module.

J.(Jay) Kumarasingam
UUCP: {akgua,allegra,cbosgd,ihnp4,seismo,utcsri}!garfield!jay
CDNNET: j...@garfield.mun.cdn
The opinions expressed here are not mine, I stole them.

Bruce Skelly

Oct 29, 1986, 5:54:04 PM10/29/86
I just got my 1750 Ram expansion unit, and the rdon command in the
C-Power shell still accesses a ram disk of 191 blocks. If C-Power
shell can use the 1750 as ram disk, I was unable to find a way to
do it.
Bruce Skelly

Dave Haynie

Oct 31, 1986, 11:28:01 AM10/31/86
> Keywords: C-Power 1750 RAM Expansion
> Summary: No

They probably don't look for the 1750 with their ramdisk software. If
they have a working ramdisk built into this shell, though, it would not
be very difficult for anyone (with the source code) to add support for the
1750; the hardest part it already done. And you could always write a
few simple C routines to manage the 1750 on your own; its programming is
pretty straightforward.

Dave Haynie {caip,ihnp4,allegra,seismo}!cbmvax!daveh


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This is the fine point on which all the legal professions of
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