Double Strikes from C64 Keyboard

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James Mower

Oct 31, 1986, 1:08:33 PM10/31/86
My C64 is developing an increasingly annoying habit of double striking
when I hit a key. A few of the keys are more apt to do this than others
but all have committed this offense at one time or another. Has anyone
had any experience with this problem? I would appreciate any hints or
suggestions. Thanks.

Jim Mower, Dept. of Geography
uucp: [decvax,watmath,rocksvax]!sunybcs!mower
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Devon Bowen

Nov 3, 1986, 1:16:10 PM11/3/86

I've had trouble similar to that with my old TRS-80 (stop laughing). I
found that it was caused by dirty contacts. You can pick up a can of
solvent at any Radio Shack that you can shoot into the keys to clean them
up. It should take care of any problems.

Devon Bowen (KA2NRC)
University of Buffalo

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