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64C & Geos, coupla months later

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Oct 27, 1986, 12:20:01 PM10/27/86
Some of you may remember that a while back I posted some thoughts and opinions
on the new 64 products (the "C"'s) and on Geos. Well, some time has passed,
so I thought an update might be in order. Synopsis: the situation has improved.

The 1541C: as of this latest shipment, they are now *much* quieter than any 1541
I've ever heard, especially with regards to formatting disks or loading
head-banging software. This is great, it was supposed to be the difference
between new and old models all along (the very first 1541C's banged the head
every time they were turned on, very noisily). I only hope that those early
"improved" drives didn't scare too many people away from the 1541, scare
them into buying...

The 1571: What a nice little drive! Virtually everyone I know with a 128
plans to get one, or already has. CP/M - much, much faster in booting and
loading. Regular program loads - 4 to 5 times as fast as a 1541; I would
expect this to hold true for other types of access, say long sequential files,
but I haven't timed it. With Mach 128 (speedup cartridge), 1571 is speeded
up even more than a 1541 using the same cartridge. 1541 compatibility?
99.999% Newsroom comes to mind as an example of something I've never seen load
on a 1571, but I have seen it fail on a few occasions. Anyone gotten Newsroom
to load with it?

Geos: Hey, there really are some things coming out for it! Guess those guys
read my last letter *:^). I hear that Aegis is developing a lot of
applications, which is excellent in light of their products for the Amiga.
Those guys know what they're at.

1802C: Colours on the one I've seen appear to be sharper, but this might
be the fault of the monitor I was comparing it against; I'll reserve
judgement on it.

Pricing: I only wish that there was a bit more difference between the price
of the 1541C and the 1571. Around here it is $20, and I can't see that $20
is a lot to spend for twice the storage capacity, even with a 64. One good
thing about the newer prices - now that Commodore has managed to put an end
to the price-slashing that threatened the 64's position as a money-maker,
it's becoming a seller's market for used 64 equipment. If I do decide anytime
soon to sell my 64 rig (in favour of an Amiga, don't shoot me for a heretic!)
who knows, I might even be able to get the same price I paid for it. How's
that for getting your money's worth *:^)?

Disclaimer: Being of sound mind, I do hereby bequeath these opinions (which
are mine alone) to the Net.

John Russell
UUCP: {akgua,allegra,cbosgd,ihnp4,utcsri}!garfield!john13
CDNNET: joh...@garfield.mun.cdn

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