CP/M 3.0+ on 128

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Chris Gordon

Oct 26, 1986, 7:51:34 PM10/26/86

I have two questions regarding CP/M on the Commodore 128:

1) Does anyone have or know how I can get SID or DDT? I'll take anything:
source (I have MAC) or binary (provided it works)

2) (Bit tougher) Does anyone know the method of the storage for files on
CP/M? (I would need to know EVERYTHING in order to have the file set up
correctly) I need to know this because I am interested in transferring
files from a 64 formatted disk to a CP/M formatted disk. (I have a program
to do it but it requires 2 drives and I want to know just for the sake of
knowing, too :-))

I hope someone can help.


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