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Paul Linton

Oct 27, 1986, 12:06:06 PM10/27/86

Well, I finally finished my program. I am looking for people to test/use
it and then send me any hints/questions/problems. Here is what it does:

It's basically a disk utility program with roughly 17 functions:

1. Disk directory. Shows deleted files, locked files, etc.
2. Change Disk Name
3. Change Disk I.D.
4. Write Protect Disk
5. Write Enable Disk
6. Write Protect File (Lock File)
7. Write Enable File
8. Rename File (Nothing spectacular)
9. Delete File (Nothing Spectacular)
10. Undelete File (Well, I think this is pretty spectacular)
11. List Program file (Just opens a file and lists it to the screen)
12. List Sequential File (Same as above except sequential)
13. Change Disk Drive Number (Nothing Spectacular)

Well that is all that i can think of right now. Please note that it is
menu driven and tries to be user-friendly as much as possible.

I haven't figured out HOW to distribute it, so if anyone has ANY suggestions
just E-Mail me.

After a couple people test it I'll try to distribute a bug-free copy. I am
pretty sure that I have all the bugs out, but I wrote it so I know there
must be one or two.

It is written in Basic, but it is compiled using Blitz which makes it more
than adequate. It's ONE file about 60 blocks.

All the routines except for the List Program, Change Disk name/id are MINE.
It means i wrote them. The Change disk Name/Id routines came from a
magazine(I haven't figured out if I have to give credit or not). The other
routine that is not mine is the List Program, and I don't know who wrote it.

*** Right now I am working on another function to Undelete a DISK. Yes, i
have accidently passed the N0:Name command and wiped out a disk. But
I have figured out how to get MOST of the disk back, but cannot figure
out how Commodore decides WHERE they are storing the next file. Any
of you CBM people that might know please send me any info on the subject
so that I may continue.
*** Note that the N0:Name is VERY different than the N0:Name,ID which is
unrecoverable as far as I know.


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