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Devon Bowen

Nov 14, 1986, 11:45:24 AM11/14/86
In article <9...@ethos.UUCP> g...@ethos.UUCP (Gregory Woodbury) writes:
>with auto-answer enabled? There have been several times that I have turned
>on my 128 with the modem in the port and connected to the phone line, and,
>sure enough, the phone rings and the modem blasts the callers ears with
>the answer signal. I have finally learned to keep the phone line out of

I've had the same problem. What's worse is when I'm at my parents house
using the phone line, sometimes there call-waiting tone interupts the
carrier so the modem disconnects. And then the phone rings again and the
auto answer takes over and blasts them. This all happens faster than I
can realize what's happening! Dads boss wasn't too happy...

Devon Bowen (KA2NRC)
University of Buffalo

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