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Epson MX80 graphics chips

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Nov 3, 1986, 8:06:12 PM11/3/86

Does anyone out there know of a supplier that still carries the Epson
MX80 "Graftex" graphics chips? I have an MX80 purchased about 5 years ago,
at that time the dot-addressable graphics were an option and the chip set
was commonly available. (Should have bought them while I had the chance,
right?) At long last I would like use the thing for graphics but am finding
out that no one seems to carry these chips anymore!

Any leads greatly appreciated! (Please respond via E-mail, I do not
normally receive net.micro)

Bob Alpert

DEC Software Services
6 Executive Campus, Rt. 70
Cherry Hill, NJ 08108
(609) 665-8711


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