5200 Mountain King (Query)

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SR Marcovici

Feb 6, 1984, 10:17:47 AM2/6/84
I just got hold of a neat new cartridge for my 5200. It's CBS's
Mountaing King (and it was only $20!!). I'm hoping that some of you
folks out there have been playing with it for a while. There's a
mysterious looking entity in the mines that has me convinced is a
secret passage of some sort.

At the very bottom of the mines there is a little "house" into which
the spider runs after an attack. Next to the house are the
programmer's initials (always a good hint), and on top of the house is
a blue horizontal line; the only other blue objects on the screen are
ladders. I feel that this blue line may be the top rung of a ladder
which descends into who-knows-where. I've tried everything and cannot
get anything to happen. (I am reminded of the trick reported here for
jumping levels in the Miner 2049er game.)

If anyone knows of this game and/or secret ladder, drop me a line.

Steve Marcovici
AT&T Bell Laboratories

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