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Review: Midi Sequencer for Atari ST

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Apr 28, 1986, 2:57:29 PM4/28/86
Finally some MIDI software for my ST.

I finally bought a MIDI sequencer for my ST. I shopped around
and decided for 'Midirec-I'. Other contenders were 'Soundwave'
and something else whose name I do not remember.

The interface is simple and menu driven.

The basic features are:

record up to 30,000 notes (less with key-velocity/pressure info)
playback (with variable speed control)
Save song to file
Load song from file
Built in metronome (really nifty, with beats/measure, tempo control and
other nice features)
+ others

MInimum requirements are a 520 ST with a disk drive, either monochrome
or color monitor (I have both ;-) ).

The system is configured for future expansions such as patch librarians
and programmable sound effects.

I tested it on a Yamaha DX-7 and a Casio CZ-100 and it works without
any problems.

The program is really fast, written in forth, and they say you can
buy the sources to add your own features.

I discovered no bugs, and the price/performance was great.

After I decided to buy Midirec I went to the local music store
and they were all out, so I mailed 29.95 to the MIcroB (weird name)
people and got the program in 3-days (almost immediate gratification).

Microb's address is:

MicroB Software
1016 E. El Camino Real, Suite 392
Sunnyvale, CA. 94087

As usual

I am in no way related, even remotely to MIcroB software, and
all the usual stuff, just a happy customer getting the right
program for the right price.

P.s. Also, this is all only my opinion, and not that of my Employer (or
my mother).

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