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May 23, 1986, 12:43:00 PM5/23/86

/* Written 11:18 am May 9, 1986 by cha...@sfucmpt.uucp in net.micro.atari */
Apparently os/9 for the ST was demonstated at comdex. Does anyone
know the price for the system? Do they supply any sort of windowing
/* End of text from net.micro.atari */

Prices I've heard are as follows:

OS-9/68000 $250
+ Basic09 $299

C compiler $295
Pascal compiler $295

C, Pascal, and Basic09 jointly will go for some price I don't yet know,
but I am assured by a fellow at MicroTRENDS (a Schaumburg IL company that
is marketing OS-9/68K for the Atari and eventually for the Amiga) that
it will be <$500. These are "list prices," I presume; another message
on the CompuServe OS-9 SIG (which is where I get my data from) has already
popped up from a fellow who found a store that would sell it for a fairly
hefty discount.

Windowing? Not yet. Since Microware has gone for VDI with other OS-9
68K stuff, I'd presume that they would go that route here also. I
understand that one will shortly be able to run TOS as a process under

James Jones


May 25, 1986, 12:23:00 PM5/25/86

In <some magic # I don't get to see> George Frajkor writes:
> DOES anybody know if someone is developing a networking or shared-
>peripheral system for the STs?

Well, if you are running OS-9 on your ST, just get yourself NFM and
a driver for the flavor of network you want, and off you go.

James Jones

Lee Dickey

May 31, 1986, 12:53:11 AM5/31/86
> is marketing OS-9/68K for the Atari and eventually for the Amiga) that

This is the second time I have heard of someone developing software
for the Atari first, Amiga to come along later. Is this just a
coincidence or does Atari software have a bigger potential market?


Jun 2, 1986, 9:47:00 AM6/2/86

I would be surprized if even a small number of people buy OS/9 for the Amiga.
It seems the main reason ST owners are interested in it is the multitasking
capability of OS/9. The Amiga already has this. To answer the question, I
think OS/9 was developed first for the ST because that is where the market
is for this product.
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