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Graph Theory and Overlaid Program Structures

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Jul 13, 1986, 2:21:09 PM7/13/86
[Eat me]

I'm currently trying to write a program to generate automatically the
optimum overlay structure from the source of any given program. The host
machine is a Sun-2, and the target an IBM-PC, using Plink-86 Plus as the
linker (it handles overlays already).

The stuff I've done so far is based on normal graph theory plus Aho & Ullman's
stuff on dominators, and then my own knowledge of how Plink's overlay
structures work. Unbelieveably, it all seems to work (sort of!).

I would be most grateful if anyone could give me any pointers at all in any
area of this work - overlays, graph theory etc.

I'm not on the net (I'm borrowing a friend's login at the moment - ta Jules!),
but Jules will forward any replies by mail to me by surface mail. Obviously
I cannot enter into any dialogue on the net, but if you want to contact me

Dave Gurr
R4D Ltd.
Europa House
13-17 Ironmonger Row
London EC1V 3QN

Telephone: (+44) 1 608 2361

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