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Marc de Groot

Jul 31, 1986, 8:32:30 AM7/31/86

I've been hacking on the Novix chip for a few months now, and I wonder
if there is any interest in the Novix NC4000 (or any other hardware
FORTH implementation) among readers of this newsgroup.

Henk Peek

Aug 4, 1986, 8:09:26 PM8/4/86
to rnews@mcvax

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YES !! Only the delivery of those chips is VERY BAD.
A friend of me, he work by the novix distibuter of the Benelux, say:
there is no supply after the first run. Comments ?

mail: henk peek, NIKHEF-K, PB 4395, 1009 AJ Amsterdam, Holland
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Ben Liberman

Aug 7, 1986, 3:16:50 AM8/7/86

I'm interested in the NC4000. I've seen alot of stuff on Rockwells chip
implimentations (very good stuff) but being a nut for speed,
I say, I'm interested in the NC4000. I'm waiting for someone to come out
with a system with an NC4000, SCSI port, 2 rs-232's, 2 IEEE-488's and a way
to add significant amounts of ram (if desired).
So much for my current dreams.

Ben Liberman

ihnp4!chinet!magik or ihnp4!homebru!magik

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