How do I get FORTHMACS?

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Murray Sherk

Jul 9, 1986, 2:00:09 PM7/9/86
FORTHMACS sounds interesting but how can I get ahold of a copy to
evaluate (without sending in $50)? It sounds good but I want to check
it out. E.g. Is the FORTH image savable as a PRG file with different names?
(like Holmes & Duckworth FORTH, unlike 4xFORTH)

Would it be out of line to send some more info about it over the net?
It's not really a commercial product since it is shareware. I'm sure several
people would be interested in a more detailed summary of its features.
The tradeoffs that should be made in a modern FORTH system could lead to a
lot of interesting discussion too. In my ST system I don't care much about
saving memory but I am very concerned with convenience and speed. A directly
threaded (i.e. JSR <word1> JSR <word2> ... JMP <wordn> instead of an
interpreter and <word1> <word2> ... <wordn> <semi-colon> in the parameter
field) version of FORTH makes more sense for me, right? Wrong?

--Murray Sherk University of Toronto


Jul 14, 1986, 12:58:35 PM7/14/86
> FORTHMACS sounds interesting but how can I get ahold of a copy to
> evaluate (without sending in $50)?

Check net.micro.atari16. Also San Leandro Computer Club in California
is distributing disks with Forthemacs. The author explicitely gives
anybody rights to copy and *give away* any number of copies - provided
the whole disk, as is, is copied and given. $50 sontribution is
necessary onmly if you will decide to become a registered user and you
do not have to do at all. But, in my opinion, this software is well
worth its price. Some other goodies will come with a registration, too.

Michal Jaegermann
Myrias Research Corporation

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