Forth for TRS-80 Model 100????

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Jul 21, 1986, 3:34:38 PM7/21/86
Is there anybody out there in Forth-land that can help me find a public
domain source listing of Forth for Intel 8080/8085 CPU's. I have just
bought a TRS-80 Model 100, an amazing machine crippled by a slow
language( read BASIC ).

I have the Technical Reference Guide and envision using the ROM socket
to hold the Forth-ROM. This allows me to edit files using the existing
software and switch to Forth for some fast code applications.

Any help is appreciated. I can be contacted in Waterloo at (519)-884-3431
or send email to rhempel@watrose.

PS. I will only be here for one more month, but the phone number will
be valid for up to one year.

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