Query: Forth for the IBM PC?

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David MacMillan

Jul 22, 1986, 6:05:31 PM7/22/86

Disclaimer: I know full well this may be a query in vain.

Situation: 1) Have IBM PC (not a clone) PC-DOS 2.1
2) Can't afford expensive compilers
3) Wish to develop a medium-to-largish
4) Am frustrated by Turbo-Pascal's limits re:
programming environment. (e.g. no separate
compilation, 64K limits, etc. Turbo is nifty,
but awkward for over .5Kloc source, impossible
for over 1Kloc source.)
5) Have but won't use: a shareware LISP (too slow),
808X assembler (argh), BASIC (never!).
6) Don't know Forth, BUT: have learned many a
language on a moment's notice (Pascal (Berkely,
IBM Pascal/VS, Turbo), PL/S, C, C++, APL, BASIC,
ProLog, LisP, 6809 assembler, 808X assembler).

Query: Is there a shareware version of Forth for the PC?
My modem is 300 Baud (acoustic!), so unless I can get
it over the net & download locally, I'd prefer sending
a disk to calling a long-distance BBS. (area code 619 ok)

Cost Limit: I'd be happy to send a disk & return postage, but as I
won't know if I would use Forth until I played with it
a bit, I'd be reluctant to pay someone a repackaging
If I did use it, I'd be happy to pay a *reasonable*
shareware registration fee. (under U.S. $50)

Many thanks,

David M. MacMillan, KB6MPN
"If feather-dusters are - UCSD [Lit] (ex-UCSC/Crown)
made of feathers, what are - Calma/GE [Info-Sci] (ex IBM)
crop-dusters made of?" - UCSD Soaring Club
- LM, 'cellist - SSA, USHGA, ARRL

US Mail: 8072 Caminito Mallorca
La Jolla, California 92037
Work Phone: (619) 587-3099
Home Phone: (619) 452-7761
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my rommmate works a graveyard shift]

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