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Keith Ericson

Aug 28, 1986, 6:59:44 PM8/28/86
I got tired of not having some kind of an organized list for the almost
1000 words that come in the F83 distribution. So I've gathered them all
together into an ASCII-sorted list, with each word-entry followed by the
vocabulary-name in which it is found.

The list is pretty good size - 14006 bytes. I've compressed and
uuencoded it and it came down to 6626 bytes

Is anyone interested in a copy of the list? I'll post it if there's
enough interest, or mail copies if there isn't...

Here's what the file looks like (except that the real thing isn't
in tw0-column format - I just did that to shorten the posting).

! <forth> #> <forth>
!CSP <forth> #? <assembler>
!FCB <dos> #AFTER <editor>
!FILES <dos> #BUFFERS <forth>
!LINK <forth> #END <editor>
" <forth> #LINE <forth>
"CREATE <forth> #OUT <forth>
# <assembler> #PAGE <forth>
# <forth> #REMAINING <editor>
#) <assembler> #S <forth>


Keith Ericson at TekLabs (resident factious factotum)
Tektronix, PO 500, MS 58-383 Beaverton OR 97077 (503)627-6042
uucp: [ucbvax|decvax|ihnp4|hplabs|(and_many_others)]!tektronix!tekgvs!keithe
CSnet: keithe%tekgvs@tektronix ARPAnet: keithe%tekgvs%tektronix@csnet-relay

"Modern" version: kei...@tekgvs.tek.com

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