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Greg Woods

Dec 3, 1983, 12:10:41 AM12/3/83

Welcome to net.lang.f77, the newsgroup for discussing (shudder) FORTRAN
in all its gory forms. It is not anyone's intent to restrict discussions here
to f77(1) or even FORTRAN 77 alone. However, there already exists a
net.lang.forth, and so the name net.lang.f77 was chosen to avoid too close
a simalarity with same.
I have started the ball rolling with this article, and will follow with
a reposting of the summary of reponses to my earlier query about 4.2BSD F77,
which I am still getting requests for. Several people have asked me to post
our critical users' opinions of the new 4.2BSD f77 compiler after we have
had a chance to use it for a while. I plan to do so, but we have not yet
completed bringing up 4.2, so it will have to wait for a bit.

{ucbvax!hplabs | allegra!nbires | decvax!brl-bmd | harpo!seismo | ihnp4!kpno}

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