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third place Obfuscated award

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Landon C. Noll

Apr 18, 1984, 1:23:51 AM4/18/84
Third place:

a[900]; b;c;d=1 ;e=1;f; g;h;O; main(k,
l)char* *l;{g= atoi(* ++l); for(k=
0;k*k< g;b=k ++>>1) ;for(h= 0;h*h<=
g;++h); --h;c=( (h+=g>h *(h+1)) -1)>>1;
while(d <=g){ ++O;for (f=0;f< O&&d<=g
;++f)a[ b<<5|c] =d++,b+ =e;for( f=0;f<O
&&d<=g; ++f)a[b <<5|c]= d++,c+= e;e= -e
;}for(c =0;c<h; ++c){ for(b=0 ;b<k;++
b){if(b <k/2)a[ b<<5|c] ^=a[(k -(b+1))
<<5|c]^ =a[b<<5 |c]^=a[ (k-(b+1 ))<<5|c]
;printf( a[b<<5|c ]?"%-4d" :" " ,a[b<<5
|c]);} putchar( '\n');}} /*Mike Laman*/

Mike Laman
UUCP: {ucbvax,philabs,sdccsu3,sdcsla}!sdcsvax!laman

P.S. I hope you have the C beautifier! The program accepts ONE positive
argument. Seeing is believing! Try something like "cmd 37" for an
example. <ed: also try cmd 4; cmd 9; cmd 16; cmd 25; cmd 36; ...>

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