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Apr 2, 1982, 9:08:28 AM4/2/82
Here's an APL mini-quiz. Say we have a vector of characters consisting
of blanks and non-blanks, such as a list of last names. We would like
to form a matrix containing each word (string of adjacent non-blanks)
left-justified on a separate row. If you think of a cute way to do this,
please mail it to me or this news group. For the sake of those of us
who do not have APL character sets on our terminals, please phrase
APL expressions in pigeon English( "rho", "iota", "jot", etc. ). Also,
if anyone comes up with other quiz-type questions, please feel free to
submit them. I'd love to have a "problem of the day" in APL.
- Greg Johnson
U of Wis - Madison


Apr 9, 1982, 9:45:42 AM4/9/82
The problem (changing a vector to a matrix with rows as separate
words) is well-known. One solution appears in "APL: An Interactive
Approach" by Gilman & Rose. Still another appears in APL News, V. 2 No. 1
(1977) in the APL Play column. I would be glad to mail copies of
these functions to interested parties (by U. S. Mail, that is).
/Jeff Shallit, Department of Mathematics, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720
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