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An actual (funny evey) joke (Lawyer joke, actually).

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John Ioannidis

Aug 13, 1985, 9:37:25 PM8/13/85
> A lawyer who works in Texas receives news of an out of town
> emergency which requires him to fly out of the state for a short
> period of time. He doesn't even have time to pack, so he calls
> home to tell his wife he is going. The maid answers the phone
> but is hesitant to put his wife on the phone. After quite a bit
> of cajoling, she admits that his wife is upstairs in bed with
> the mailman! Now the man is furious, and would rush right home,
> but of course there is this emergency to take care of, so he
> tells the maid to go get the gun from his desk drawer, and kill
> both his wife and the mailman. She protests, but he explains
> that under Texas law it is legal to kill your adulterous wife
> and her lover. Using his silver tongue, he finally convinces
> her to do it. She puts down the phone, and the lawyer can hear
> the sound of two gun shots, the screams, some loud bumps, and,
> finally, some splashes. The maid comes back on the phone. The
> lawyer asks ``did you kill them?''. ``Yes'', she replies.
> ``What did you do with the bodies?'' ``I threw them in the
> pool.'' ... pause ... ``Pool? ... Say, is this 555-8234?''
> As told to me by Tom Clement
> (there are two interpretations of this joke, can you find them both?)


Yes; the other version involves a businessman, the cook finding the man's wife
with the son of the gardner, killing them with a carving knife and throwing
the pieces in the swimming pool. The phone number is also different.

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