a small town in southern France

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Wayne Throop

Sep 22, 1986, 11:51:18 AM9/22/86
> j...@princeton.UUCP (Jeffrey Westbrook)
>> throopw@dg_rtp.UUCP (Wayne Throop)

>> ... what was that you were saying about "proof"?

> Holy God, there's a deconstructionist on the net! Somebody send him
> back to France!

Hey, wait a minute! I'm not a Deacon Structionist! I'm a Lay
Structionist. Oh, wait, I get it, that's why he thinks I come from
France... "Lay Structionist", "le Structionist". Well, actually I've
never been to France, but if you *really* want to send me there, I
wouldn't turn down complementary airline tickets... or better yet, I'll
take care of the whole thing. What was your American Express card
number again? And wasn't your name "Underwood" or something?

"It was a beautiful speach..."
--- Beldar Conehead
Wayne Throop <the-known-world>!mcnc!rti-sel!dg_rtp!throopw

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