Some jokes (offensive to everyone [ rot13 (I hope) ] )

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Nov 24, 1986, 1:44:03 PM11/24/86
> A truck driver was driving down the road one day and sees a
> hippie hitch-hiking. The truck driver picks him up and the two
> continue down the road. The guys hair is really long but the
> trucker decides not to say anything. After about 15 or 20 minutes
> of total silence, the hippie says, "Well?"
> "Well, what?" responded the truck driver.
> "Aren't you going to ask me whether I'm a man or a woman?"
> asked the hitch-hiker.
> "Doesn't matter," replied the trucker, "I'm gonna fuck you
> anyway."
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> One day a man comes home from work and sees his newlywed wife
> sliding down the bannister. When she got to the bottom, she climbed
> the stairs and slid down again. Somewhat confused, the husband asks
> his bride, "honey, what in the world are you doing?"
> "Oh," replies the woman, "I'm just warming up your dinner."
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> These two pollacks were out hunting in the woods one day when one
> says to the other, "I gotta shit really bad!"
> "Well, go ahead," says the other.
> "I don't have nothin' to wipe with," says the first.
> "You got a hankerchief?" asks his friend.
> "Yeah," says the first pole, "but what am I gonna use to blow my
> nose later on?"
> "Well, do you have a dollar?"
> "Yeah, I got a dollar."
> "Well," the second continues, "why don't you wipe with that?"
> "Okay," says the first and runs off into the forest. After
> about thirty minutes, the guy is starting to get worried about his
> friend. He is just about to start off after him when he sees him
> coming out of the brush. "Where the hell have you been? It doesn't
> take thirty minutes to take a shit."
> "Yeah," says the other, "but do you know how long it takes to
> wipe with three quarters, two dimes and a nickel?"
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