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Relatively inoffensive Catholic joke written by a Catholic

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Dorothy Nelson

Mar 25, 1986, 4:10:31 PM3/25/86

A devout friend of mine passed this along and thought it was funny (i do too)
so I'm not gonna ROT13 it (by the way, how do you encode it? I know how to
decode it...)

Three married couples who somehow got excommunicated from the church want
to be reinstated-- so they all trek on over to the local parish priest. The
good Father surveys these 3 couples (aged 25, 40, and 55 respectively) and says:"If you really want to get back into the Church, you must prove your fervor by
abstaining from sexual intercourse for a whole month." Six very depressed
people leave the rectory.

A month later, the couples return. The priest rubs his hands together and
asks,"Well?" The 55 year old couple speaks up:"Father,it was a true revelation
of the spiritual side of our marriage. Our love is now so pure that we do not
need sexual intercourse, and now we have separate beds." The priest smiles and
says, "Go, my children, you are back in the church." They leave hand in hand.
The 40 year old couple speaks up. "Father it was a true test of our patience,
but we did it." The priest smiles and says, "Go my children, you are back in
the church." The couple sprints out of the rectory.

The 25 year old couple is left. They look sheepish and shuffle their feet.Father raises his eyebrows questioningly. The husband begins,"*Cough* Well,
we were doing alright until the 27th day... but.... then my wife bent over to
pick up a can of peas... and... I COULDN'T HELP IT! I HAD TO LET HER HAVE IT,
RIGHT THEN, RIGHT THERE!!!" The priest clucks and says,"I am sorry, my childrenbut I cannot let you back in the church." "That's OK," the wife pipes up.
"They wouldn't let us back into Pathmark either."

That wasn't so bad, now was it?

------------------ Cosmique Muffin

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