Dog Shoots Man

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Alex Cannon

Sep 23, 1986, 10:41:59 PM9/23/86
The following is paraphrased from memory, because I left the article
(from today's Globe) in the laundromat where I read it. I was in a
hurry to leave because of this crazy who sounded (and looked) like a
cross between Pat Robertson and Mr. Rogers.
("Can you say transubstantiation?" :-) But that's another posting.)

"Norway - A large dog, ambling toward his owner, stepped on the trigger
of a shotgun, discharging both barrels. A hunter, age 55, was hit and
severely wounded. The owner of the gun said he didn't remember if he
had put the safety device on or not."

Yep, it's just like them hunting dogs. They go into the woods, get
drunk, and start blastin' everything in sight... :-)

Alex Cannon
Boston University

Samuel P. Ranger

Sep 24, 1986, 8:49:33 PM9/24/86
In article <14...@bu-cs.bu-cs.BU.EDU> a...@bu-cs.UUCP (Alex W. Cannon) writes:
>Yep, it's just like them hunting dogs. They go into the woods, get
>drunk, and start blastin' everything in sight... :-)
>Alex Cannon
>Boston University

Who says they have to be drunk. He was probably just getting some practice in
before the revolution. Man's best friend has finally decided they don't like
being the (excuse the pun) underdog. They've finally fetched one paper too
many. Be kind to your dog and he might keep you for a pet when its over.

Dogs of the world unite!!
--Atomic Dog, song from a few years ago.
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