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Pati French

Jan 17, 1986, 8:52:22 PM1/17/86
VAXCINATION A "preventive training" provided to potential
users of the VAX system to prevent software
foul-ups other than deliberate.

VAX-RAY A high-energy screening to determine whether a
user is qualified to have a VAX I/O station on
his floor.

VAXWAGEN What everyone jumps on after the VAX is approved

VAXING AND VAXING is the successful use of the VAX during
WAILING the full moon. Wailing is the less successful
alternative during the other lunar phases.

VAXMAS The day the VAX come in.

VAXCILLATE To oscillate between possible ways to administer
VAX training.

VAXCIMILE A German copy of the VAX.

VAXECUTION The denial to a user of future access to the VAX.

NO VAX TO A put-down administered to those withour a dial-up
GRIND line, and hence no acces to the VAX, as in "Infidel!
Let that terminal alone! You have no VAX to grind!"

VAX AND THE SINGLE GIRL A relationship with much potential.

VAXI! VAXI! A cry heard and unheeded by cruising VAX personnel
as they go around the corridors, hailed by frantic
users-to-be who desire a high-tech ride on the VAX.

AVAX A low-flying VAX with radar.

VAXTENUATING The generic excuse used to explain delays in the
CIRCUMSTANCES delivery of the VAX.

VAXCENTUATE To underline the importance of the VAX.

VAXTERMINATION The perennial zapping of mysterious files from the

VAXCINE An abbreviation for "I have seen the VAX!"

VEDI, VENI, That victory cry - "I saw, I conquered. The VAX
VAXI came!"

VAXERCISE An early morning workout on the VAX.

VAXUUM A computer room without a VAX. Abhorred by nature.

VAXIMUM Keeping silent to the max about the startup of the

VAX POPULI The users.

VAX BUILDUP The result of not using the file delete command
often enough.


INCOME VAX What one shouts when the VAX is delivered.

VAX-FREE BOND A special relationship with a non-VAX computer on
Wall Street.

THE BLUE VAX World War I medal honoring high-powered computing.
Also (modern): A VAX made by Smurfs.

VAXIMA The height of ecstasy reached while computing on
VAX. Also (archaic): Mother of VAX.

VAXIS What the world of computers rotates on.

GRODY TO THE VAX Like, y'know, the VAX in the valley fer shure!

VAX-CARS What G.M. doesn't make.

VAXICDENT The spilling of coffee on a VAX terminal.


VAXLE That to which the wheels of the VAX are attached.

VAXIDERMIST One who lives by the dictum "You can take the VAX
and stuff it!"

THE VAX OF Everything you ever wanted to know about the birds
LIFE and the bees (and the bugs in the VAX).

VAX Long-haired northern cousins of the buffalo, used
as beasts of burden in Tibet.

TO VAX ELOQUENT The act of preparing a glossary for the VAX.


Jan 19, 1986, 3:26:44 AM1/19/86

Pretty good, but you left out on obvious one:

VAXIUM: That mysterious tablet you give to the VAX when it's about
to have a nervous breakdown; it calms the VAX down.

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