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Nov 12, 1983, 2:40:09 PM11/12/83

how oes one use rotate13?

as to ofensive jokes, :
paraplgis, i.e. people with no ars and no legs might very well have their
feelings hurt by jokes about ....yes paraplegics. i have been telling th joke
about well i cant say now that my consciousness has been raisd bit,
in fact i iproved it to read (oh allright: here goes:

(what do you call an Alpha Centaurriiian with no tentacles or
pseudopods who is crazyglued to a wall?


and the follow-up:

(what do you call an Alpha Centauriiian with no tentacles or
psuopods who is crazyglued to a wall and is your father?


or, altrnately, pop art.)

random related fact, the syllabificaations ma, mam, tends to be
a "univresal" for mother, though i am not sure this jibes with the latest data.
the point is, let us remmember we area ll on this plan-it together.

all jokes havea butt, some object whose particular being is
ridiculed vis-a-vis its particularness,
deababy jokes draw their appeal from it being a union of
the mixture of life and death (at least partly), so any
generification (newly coined word) would have to take thisinto

what's worse than a truckload of ????
a ???? one on teh bottom ????-ing his way out.

what aould you substitute for ???1, 2, 3?

if the joke is about tupiidity, there's alwasys:
X is so stupid that...
which is to say there ust be an x, and so we must choos a form of
obcscenity...making it a friend (my friend lost the recipe for ice)
(ice, byt he way is not that easy to make, so think before you laugh)
is doing waht the english and jews awere supposed (see a prvious article,
if you can) to do often, as do many people in their guillt over
telling jokes, or understanding them at all, and jews, stereotypically
are infatuated or ridden with guilt (in th name of Jehova),
is NOT a solution, in act it is stupid...somewhat akin to
a paraplegic (i.e. one whos eelings we would protect) tellinga
joke about theelves, utterly senseless, horrifying, ad,
Sad, and some might say funnier then, (folks usually on the side
of the "it strengtthens them, teaces them to overcome" philosophy,
who go out and tell deadbaby jokes at funerals, etc..)
i.e. is revealing about the reason care must be taken ...jokes
hide our cruelty.
how far must a joke be denuded so that it remain funny, i.e. the
joke remains, how far must on go to protect the innocent (or
evn the guilty, there are other ways of dealing with them)...

even worse is jokes about people: i send orth the following two as
counterexamples, the first originally told about Kruschev, and I
keep it as such, though it is a joke ON russians, a lefthanded
compliment to Kruschev, because the anitmamerican joke follows.
though i could translate th K--- joke to others, or modofy it,
I feel, the REagan joke seems much more intractcably tied
to his specific being. Anyway i on't like Mr. Reagan, politically

(A russian airliner (uh-oh, no it is not flying over korea, though im
sure there is a good joke in there somewhere, though a very
intractable one no doubt) is flying from Siberia to Mensk (?)
when the pilot comes over the loudspeaker
"Mr. President (on the plane oops no matter) , fellows
Commissaars, Comrades, it seems that the plane is too heavy, we shall
have to lighten up and throw off some excess bagage."
So several of the suitcases get thrown off board. they fly on,
when the pilot goes on again:
"the plane is still to heave, w shall have to drop the
bottom half of the plane , would all passengers kindly take
hold of the ceiling."
So they do, an the floor drops off, and they fly on. THen
the pilot comes over the loupeaker again:
"I'm soory, but hte plane is juty a bit too heavy, one
of you will have to jump. "
So Kruchev goes:

"Comrades, i have had a long and usseful career, and I want to
thank you all for all you have done in the name of the cause"
and they all clap.

Let it sink in nice and good. It is a warning (i am deinetely among
clappers.) Notice the use of repetition, of an in joke for airline
users, the use o absurdity, the beguiling inroductory jettison,
thes ar th ral elents of suspense in th joke, they allow th joke to
play on fears of death. While this joke is Besttold i russian,
because of its technological bent, and the robotism o teh response.
How well could the joke be transferred to the story of J. Paul Getty
or other walthy person dying i a plane (like that baseball player...)
and his relatives, or stupid people? Why siberia? could more appropriate
cities be chosen.?
plus how can i prevent the joke rom backfiring on myself if i do?
i recently came into an inheritance and had to deal with greed.
(might have coe into an inheriatance.)

could it be told about robots, or robotics engineers, or
industrialists. this i like, it produces a self containment.

it would have been, ironically, an appropriate joke to tell
near K--s funeral.

this joke wa told by a lesbian playing a jewish rabbi within a play
within a play (a play consisting os a play), so the accents upon
accents make it fun to listen to. i apologize for what is lost in

"le me tell you a joke:
alright, ill tell ya joke, ee:
these doctors are a medical convention and theres four of them:
an italian a french man a chinese an an american.
The italian gets up and says:
"In italia, in mya country, we arara the besta medicis thisa
side of the vatican. We havea refineda the switchblade sucha that
we can take the corazon out of a man, put it into another mana,
and have that man a out a looking for work in three a weeksa. "

so the frenchman gets up:
"Ooh lala you teenk ca est si bon, monsieur italien? Dans my
countrie we are improved in zee cutting intruments, we are
so parfait we can reove the heart and the foie gras out o one
one man in poot in een un autre man, and have him out looking for work
in two weeks."

so the chinaman get up;
"Ha! Rough Duck gentremen, wee reeding exporteras of
ginsu knives . we take acupuncture needre mae of sirk
\ and chop chop heart river and serene out of man,
put in other man and have honorable an rooking for
work in ONE week!"

so the american gets up and says:
"Shoot, that ain't nothing, you crazy guys you. Jeez, in the
U. s. of A. we've got th latest surgical techniques
We're the only country that can take an asshole out of caliornia
transplant it to washington, and have he whole country looking
for work in one day!"

anyone find work, tell me, o.k.?
i think war is just the worst kind of practical joke.
or marriage.
or school.
my joke arent helping me get through anymore, but oh well,
see you later, uniques. dont fall for any red herrings i
wouln't catch.

dnc at dartmouth

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