The war on drugs

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Barry Shein

Sep 29, 1986, 1:42:29 AM9/29/86

From: 610...@PUCC.BITNET (Keith Mancus)
> I strongly recommend ignoring anything said by the Bulletin of the Atomic
>Scientists (as far as I know there are no REAL scientists on the bulletin).

I presume "as far as I know" is meant to cover complete ignorance.

I read among the Sponsors:

Hans Bethe, S. Chandrasekhar, Linus Pauling, Jerome B. Wiesner among others.

The 5/86 issue has articles by James W. Cronin (Nobel Prize, Physics,
1980) and a column by Victor F. Weisskopf (Institute Professor of
Physics, emeritus, at MIT, former Director General of CERN.)

The 8-9/86 has articles by Michael McCally, professor of clinical
medicine, U. Chicago, Herbert Abrams, professor of radiology, Stanford
University (and a member-in-residence of the Stanford Center for
International Security and Arms Control.)

I believe it is you who has been discredited.

-Barry Shein, Boston University

Jul 17, 2019, 1:27:55 PM7/17/19
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