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Dec 19, 1981, 6:51:52 AM12/19/81
I've sat here this morning and watched an incredible amount of junk
go by on net.general. While you can always say "no" to "More [ynq]"
if the title is there, this is really overdoing it.

net.general is for stuff that everybody is supposed to at least consider
reading. It's useful for INITIAL QUERIES and ANNOUNCEMENTS. It is NOT
there for discussions.

If you see something in net.general you want to comment on, you should
almost always just REPLY to the author, not follow up to the world.
If a continuing discussion is needed, start a new newsgroup.

Now for some specific comments. I asked for the taste/censorship discussion
to take place in, but I'm seing it in net.general,,
and net.jokes. How is anybody supposed to follow a three-ring circus
like that?

Also, PLEASE restrict your "questionable taste" stuff to net.jokes.q for
the time being until this whole thing is settled. I am seeing stuff in
net.general about dead babies that certainly offends me (and no, I'm
neither dead nor a baby) and probably half the rest of the net. I'm
still seeing poor taste jokes in net.jokes. There are people out there
that are trying not to get this stuff, and they are being barraged with
it anyway! This includes limericks - most of them belong in net.jokes.q.
If you would be unwilling to get on your local TV station and recite what
you're posting (with your mother and your boss in the audience) you
shouldn't be broadcasting it to an equally wide audience of random people.
Remember, also, that a record is kept on every machine of everything you say.

I haven't been hearing from many people who actually ARE OFFENDED by the
net.jokes.q stuff. I'd like to get input from them (either privately by
electronic mail or publicly in in regards to the policy that
needs to be formed. How you feel about various proposed solutions is
important. Anyone who further understands the Affirmative Action issues
should speak up - I don't claim to understand them very well.

Mark Horton

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