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Apr 8, 1982, 8:58:21 AM4/8/82
Well, the waiting is over, here it is! The rules are as follows:

1. You are requested NOT to use ANY current or back issues of comics
to get the answers. This is NOT an open-book quiz!

2. You may collaborate with others, but they should not be using
comics to help them either.

3. I will accept the first 3 (maximum) responses I get from each
location to represent that location. The one with the most correct
answers will be used.

4. The last day for entries will be Friday, April 16. I will accept
NO entries after that date.

5. Mail all answers to me (mhuxh!lute). DO NOT post your answers on
the net! Those that are posted on the net, rather than sent to me
I will not even read.

6. Scoring will be explained when I am ready to post the winners.

7. Depending on how many entrants I get there will be competition
between respondents from different locations within the same company,
different companies and/or universities and the U.S. vs. Canada
(in case you didn't know, there are two Canadian Universities on
the net).

8. Sign the bottom of your responses with your real name, login name,
company/univ. and state or province.


And now let the game BEGIN!

1. What is the name of the super-villain who could move at super-speed
with the aid of a special medallion?

2. Name at least four mutants who belong to The Great Refuge.

3. The Silver Surfer, before he became such, had a lover. What was
her name?

4. Name at least five different spells Dr. Strange calls upon quite
frequently in his adventures.

5. What was the name of Mister Miracle's lover and what was the name
of her fighting Unit?

6. Name all six of the original Metal Men and the seventh one who
became a companion to one of them.

7. Who was the "Last Boy On Earth?"

8. What was the name of Aquaman's wife?

9. Name one DC and one MARVEL super-villain that came from the Soviet

10. Which super-hero in DC is a magic-user, what is his mystical
symbol and from what culture does the symbol originate?


1. Which member of the Legion of Super-heroes wore a bionic prosthesis
for several years?

2. What was the name of the Falcon's pet hawk?

Let me know if you have any question BEFORE you submit your answers.

See you in the funny papers!


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